OK, so we’ve gotten a little bit smarter in what we “bubble” about…

The Tulip Bulb Bubble – “When you were able to buy a mansion… (ready for this)…with a flower”.

The South Sea Bubble – “In the 1700s, the British empire was the big dog on the block, and that particular block spanned the entire globe. For the British, the eighteenth century was a time of prosperity and opulence, meaning a large section of the population had money to invest and were looking for places to put their money. So, the South Sea Company had no problem attracting investors when, with an IOU to the government worth £10,000,000.00, the company purchased the “rights” to all trade in the South Seas.”

(1700 = 2000. British = US. 18th = 21st. South Sea = Internet. Thank God the last part didn’t happen, or has it?)

But now we have a nationwide Housing Bubble. You know what? Forget national, just consider all that condo flipping in Florida. The interesting thing is…It’s happened before! Just a few years before the Stock Market Crash of ’29. (I guess they trusted stocks more than real estate in those days!).

The Florida Real Estate Craze of 1926 – “The ultimate “Recount”.

Remember HELOCs, ARMs, and all those “exotic mortgages and stuff”? Check these out.

40-Year Mortgages
Reverse Mortgages

(I won’t even bother with the rest of them…)

Balloon Mortgage (I don’t even like the sound of it)
Convertible ARMs (so I get screwed later?)
Time-shares (remember those?)
Bankruptcy (hey, what the hell is that?)


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