Did you notice how, suddenly, everything got all gloomy and dark?

That is because I now reveal that this positive level of saving only persisted until 1987, the year that the horrid Alan Greenspan befouled the Federal Reserve and started creating money and credit like it was going out of style.

By 1993, only six years later, he had so devalued the dollar so much that prices were progressively higher, so that people were only able to save 5.8% of income. And since then, thirteen years later, it has gotten so progressively bad that not only are people now saving nothing, zero, zip, zilch, squat, but they have to constantly go deeper and deeper into debt! Every month! The actual number that should make scream bloody murder was that savings have hit a new low; a minus 0.9% of income!

Does THIS sound like the behavior of a rational, educated people who should be trusted with nuclear weapons? Of course not! No wonder the world hates and fears us! Well, maybe it’s because we routinely kill so many of them, but it’s worth thinking about!



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