Interested in becoming CEO?

If so, or if you’re interested in gaining influence and status in the workplace (yes with the job you have now), there is one thing you must know. If you want to work your way up, respect the way up. Yes, it may require some kissing up to do, but I never heard of anyone who got fired while having had a special affiliation with the CEO or Board President.

Most great leaders knew someone at the top. Warren Buffett knew Ben Graham. Charles Schwab knew Andrew Carnegie. Ronald Reagan knew Dwight Eisenhower. So does it pay to be an employers pet? I think so. But not popular opinion. Check this out:

Gain experience in diverse roles 50%
Take career risks 12%
Show loyalty to bosses 0%
Take on visible projects 38%
Get line experience 0%

This was on CNN Money (one of my new favorite websites). It seems that the two I would most agree with – Doing your job better and Doing what the employer wants – don’t seem to be very popular.

All thi says is that Americans would rather “Learn other things” (get a new job), “Take on Risks” (that’s for management) and “taking on visible projects” (How high could your vision be already?).

Dude, you want to earn more or have a more comfortable chair? Either take a load of the big guy or start your own business.



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