Dear Readers,

Investors Sentiment. What I intend to bring to you with this blog is just that. I don’t occupy my time reading worthless editorials or surfing conspiracy-theory-driven websites. There is a good reason why 1% of the population operates over 43% of the world’s assets.

Sentiment. The affluent have a tendency to be just one step ahead of the general public, buying before they buy, and selling before they sell. (Hence, buy low, sell high). They have their interest in primary regard and toil daily to achieve their financial goals. They do this by one simple measure.

Looking at the Present not at the past. The American Way has become one of idiocy; a crowd that prides at the success of others, cheering on as if they will also receive their share of fame and greatness. Only America could have created a Wall Street and a Hollywood!

But the wealthy know better. They don’t look at the news; they simply look at the facts. They have a tendency to be contrarians, thinking against the grain, doing things that haven’t been done before and paving a path for the followers that on it will tread.

Look at the most prominent websites ushering in the news of yesterday and the predictions of tomorrow and what you’ll see at first glance will be truth. But, underneath is what the Media treasures most. Listeners.

Sometimes life is boring, sometimes markets do go nowhere. But what do we know we just read the news and do as we are told.

“This too shall Pass”, the brilliant words offered to an influential man by his wise advisors, which they claimed could be used in every situation. And indeed!

Life comes in seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. This has never changed and neither will the tendency and nature of human speculation.

So with that I bring to you, the unedited, unadulterated facts that seem to mislead so many fools, but at the same time guide the wise and the wealthy.

In closing, as Mark Twain once said “If you don’t read the news you are uninformed, if you do read it you are misinformed”.



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